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where do I fit?

Lets chat for a moment about what our American culture defines as the "super mom", One that does all!! I would like to share my perspective and what I have learned from my mistake and how I redefined my role and remembered who I was before children.

First lets talk about this idea of the self sacrificing-do-it-all mom and how it can be detrimental to fight against this unrealistic ideal. When women find they will be welcoming a baby into the world, we start to envision what this new role will look like. Its not the same for everyone, but the one thing that does remain the same for every mother is how to balance the woman she was before to who she will be after her children.

My personal situation is the perfect example. Before kids I studied graphic design with a BFA at university. I have always identified myself as an artist. I loved to paint, go out to eat gourmet food, go to art museums, drink coffee at cafes, travel, and go out to see music shows. I cared about my appear…

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