Tuesday, November 22

thanskgiving recipe round-up - gluten free

This year I am trying to keep the peace between a traditional holiday meal and a healthy GF version. B would like the more traditional with "real stuffing", gravy, and other butter loaded fixings. However this is my list of pretty healthy and somewhat traditional sides for an gluten free holiday. There is also a vegetarian  and vegan guide to Thanksgiving over at my fav 101cookbooks.com, where you will find some of the listed recipes. Follow the links for tasty recipes. 

Photos credit to 101cookbooks.comElinor CarucciCrystal Paine

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Kit said...

Ok so I made these scones, I made them with eggs, butter and whole wheat flour. I found there was a bit much baking powder, I can taste it in the final product. These are a great texture but could use some sweetness, maybe because I used fresh pumpkin and not canned. Over all I easy treat.