upcycled shoe planter

Here is the weekend project of re-purposing a shoe hanger into a children's herb garden. My project was a little different than the one I posted about last Friday. Instead of hanging, my planter is grounded and has plastic walls. I wish I had cloth but a few holes cut in the bottom will do the same job. FYI, it's not the prettiest thing but the more green that grows the less ugly it will appear. We opted for starts, since our seedlings, that where started in February, are not yet ready for our outdoor climate. The herbs the boys picked out are BBQ Rosemary, English Thyme, Curly Parsley, oregano and romaine lettuce for good measure. The boys used their noses to pick out the herbs, and the more fragrant the better. I picked out the romaine so we would not go broke buying a million herbs to fill 10 planting spaces.
Here are the steps I followed to create this project.

  1. Cut about 5 holes to each planting chamber or shoe shelf.
  2. Gather or purchase a compost dirt mixture.
  3. Have kids fill each chamber with planting mixture until a three inch gap is present from dirt to top.
  4. Plant seeds or starts(we opted for starts on this project).
  5. Water generously after planting and watch them grow.


kit said…
The plastic one is kinda cool, it will be neat to see the roots through the side.
Anonymous said…
I have a blue Ikea Shoe Organizer and I was wondering what else would be good to plant in this product for a garden. Also, I am new to the gardening world and is today a bad day to start May 20th, 2013
Unknown said…
Thank you! As far as starting at the end of May it depends on where you live, but for the most part its the perfect time. Herbs are the best way to go and can be planted almost year round outside of frost prone zones. I particularly didn't like the plastic material but seeing the growth of the roots was cool for the kiddos. Good Luck!

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