5 day simple cleanse

Detox Cleanse

Basic Structure
Length: 5 days

Snacks: organic Veggies, 1 cup of almonds or 1 cup of berries

Drinks: Water, lemon and Cayenne; Kambucha or Green tea.

Supplements: 1 raw garlic clove, peppermint oil, Pro-biotic Kifer

Key Rules 
No Grains: Avoid wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa and all other grains 
 No Processed Food: Avoid white sugar, brown sugar, Splenda®, Equal®, and agave  
Avoid Alcohol: Avoid all types of alcohol
 Focus on Probiotics: Take a multi-spectrum probiotic (50 billion count) once a day

Eat These Foods
Whole vegetables
Greens and fresh vegetable juices
Sweet potatoes and yams
Wild fish, grass-fed meats and eggs
Fermented foods
Nuts, seeds and nut butters
Avocado and coconut
Fresh and frozen berries
Whole fruits
Small amounts of caffeine in the form of green tea.

Meal Plan 

Day 1

Breakfast: berry & macha shake 
Lunch: sweet potato fries & kimchi salad
 Dinner: egg omelet and steamed broccoli

Day 2

Breakfast: Green Shake

Lunch: Green salad with olives and almonds  Dinner: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Day 3

Breakfast: Vanilla Almond Shake Lunch: Thai Chicken Salad

Day 4

Breakfast: Berry Shake  
Lunch: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup  Dinner: Super salad

Day 5

Breakfast: Purple Shake Lunch: Local Vegetable Frittata  Dinner: Euro Nut Shake

Prep is essential and recipes, shopping lists and pre-steaming or cooking food helps continued success. Shakes should not be made ahead of time do to a loss of nutrional value through oxidization. The fresher the better! I highly recommend eating mindfully and reading The Zen of Eating before starting. 


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