pumpkin seed study

As part of our Oak Meadow Science lesson for first grade we were to study the life of an oak seed, however oak trees are few and far between up here on our Alaskan Island of Kodiak. Because of this we choose to study the seed of a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Study

First we purchased a few pumpkins of small and medium size.

Second we watched this video about pumpkins.

Third the boys used craft paper cut outs of the life cycle to paste in sequential  order in their nature journals. Little B wanted his grown up pumpkin to be a jack O lantern. Here is a link to free pumpkin life cycle cut-outs.

The Fourth project was a sensory play and coordination project. We used our largest pumpkin and nails, pushpins, and grommets along with rubber mallets to decorate the pumpkin. The boys really enjoyed this project and still are working on a face and others formed shapes on the pumpkin.

Our Last project was to take the smallest pumpkins and cut the tops off of them and LEAVE the seeds in. We had extra potting soil to then fill in the hole burring the seeds. We watered the soil in hopes that the seeds will sprout in a few weeks.


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