mindful thoughts jar

Mindful Thoughts Jar

blue mason jar
gold/silver glitter

This idea was taken from the book "Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children" by Thich Nhat Hanh & The Plum Village Community. The book is a wonder resource for introducing mindfulness and this activity in the book was one of the most favorite of the boys. The book lists sand/earth instead of glitter, but glitter was more appealing choice for us. Next, this teaching is a very important aspect of the exercise:

1. When placing the water in the jar talk about water representing our Mind.
2. Then after picking a suitable material(glitter/sand) talk about it representing our feeling and thoughts.
3. When the jar is shaken our thoughts act wildly and race around our jar.
4. Setting the jar down mention the thoughts settling down and becoming clear with three in/out breaths. 

This exercise can be done in repetition until the child feels peaceful. Over time it will take less time to ease into a mindful position. A bell may be added when the jar is settling at the beginning of the first in/out breath if one is readily available.


sara said…
LOVE this... i've seen/read/known about this technique but today's the day i'm doing it! thanks for the inspiration... xx

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