homeschool classroom

I have gained influence from many sources as I put together our home school classroom. One source being readings from Reggio emilia and Rudolf steiner. I have baskets of loose parts and natural materials along with art materials for creative endeavors. We have collected rocks from all over the northern continent and shells from the Atlantic, pacific, and gulf of Mexico. Our work table is one that was purchased from Target about three years ago. I bought chalkboard paint and turned the top of the table into a fun art space. I purchased a chalk board calender and have a child height chalk board. 

Our main subjects are divided into cubbies and baskets that are organized on the white low book shelf. This is important to Little B that he is responsible for materials and during free choice he can grab what he would like to do.

Ideally I will collect more greenery to make the room feel organic and comfortable. We have one large plant/tree and three small plants that are watered and cared for by the boys. Our goal is to create a Gnome Garden in the bottom of the tree pot.

We have a DIY mail station that the boys can write each family member if they feel like. Each mailbox is a piece of craft paper folded and stapled on the sides.

The water and cups is self-serve and the sponges are for cleaning up after themselves.

In the corner I have extra cushions and pillow for reading and circle time. I think this is my favorite spot in the classroom for instruction and meditation.


Andy S said…
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