choosing Waldorf with mindful education

I feel like I have am finally applying many years of reading and learning into this new challenge and purpose with our home school choice. As I mentioned on the last post we choice a Waldorf curriculum materials for core subjects called Oak Meadow. I am no stranger to Waldorf or its methodology and pedagogy. Its been a learning journey for me and now it just seems like the perfect time to start teaching.

I happened across a blog about eight years ago called soulemama when I had just found out I was going to be a Mama myself. Her blog gave insight into all that I wanted to be as a Mama and links to other sights about more Mamas. It was truly inspirational and "felt" just right for my new and budding brood. Amanda Soule the blog writer is a home schooling Mama that lives a homesteading lifestyle. She gifted me new terms and concepts like "rhythm of the day" and creative learning methods. Using her blog as my first stepping stone I read and learned about living naturally and incorporating all of it into education. One of her links was called Little Red Caboose about another amazing Mama, Ella Peterson, that used Waldorf education for her, at the time, one child. I followed both blogs for years learning from them and becoming my own teacher eventually and the inspiration in 2008 to start this blog.

Waldorf is just the right fit for our lifestyle and child's learning style. As a child myself, I dreamed of a school that would look and feel like Waldorf. It would also be no surprise to find out I am an artist and "feeler" of the world. Nature was my playground and mother earth was my comfort. It has such a beautiful life behind letters and numbers. Its not something that works for every child and family but for us its a great education model and easily leaves space for mindfulness.


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