new adventure

So life and the Coast Guard has moved us to Kodiak Island, Alaska for the next two years. We had sad goodbyes to our home and Friends in Northern California but know in our heart that is our forever home. Its a weird concept for some people but for those of us that move every few years its a huge milestone to have a "home" to return too. We have lived in Michigan, Florida, Alaska, and California. We have driven through every state in the lower 48, flown thousands of miles, and packed and unpacked hundreds of boxes over the past 12 years. Out of all this travel we get to show our children our beautiful country, unique in every square mile. We get to move beyond our comfort zone, meet people of many different creeds and snag a couple as life-long Friends. So with the good-byes comes new smiles and  friendly hellos. Kodiak is our "home-for-now" but its truly a beautiful wonder.


These shots are just gorgeous, and making me want to be back in the rainy UK!

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