glitter snowglobe DIY

An object like a tree or animal (I used this white glitter tree made of candle wax)
super glue
a small jam jar or mason jar
glitter or fake snow

I picked up this tea light candle at a store for $3.00. I already had the other materials around the house and estimate the total cost if I had to but it all new would be less than $10. Once I saw this little tree my craft brain was on a roll to make "something". Little B asked for a snowglobe the other day and since we have northern California cost winters, we lack snow of the real variety. I figure why not craft some snow for the kiddos. Here are the really simple steps in creating this DIY snowglobe.

1. Super glue the object (tree) to the inside of the lid. I would let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

2.  Put fake snow/glitter in the bottom of the jar, at the most 1/3 full.

3. Fill with water almost to the top leaving room for the object to not overflow the jar.

4. Put super glue around rim of the jar and secure top.

5. Bam, you have a super cool snowglobe.


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