welcome to the lunchbox crew

So, just putting it out there that this next fall will be the first "lunchbox" process for me. Little B had preschool after lunch, as will Little F. So that means I will join the ranks of other mom's and dad's preparing delicious healthy and organic lunches everyday. So any tips/pinterest boards/blogs for ideas and recipes would be greatly appreciated. Little B received a laptop lunch box as a "graduation" present and seems interested in helping  make healthy choices for his meals to eat all by himself. He has been self sufficient feeding himself I swear since age 1, but the idea that he is making choices and eating with no parents around is boosting his moral. The school lunch program at the school needs a serious face lift but until that happens I am more than happy to accommodate with our CSA share and other local foods. Please share your tips and advice!


Anonymous said…
A few of the moms at our small charter school love the bento box ideas (great for your kit) on Lunchinabox.net Really creative ideas and tons of uses for leftovers. I find that it's all about what the kids will eat, and will have time to eat. We go with fruit salads, things our son can dip (yogurt dips are great) and less is more as he often comes home and has a snack.
Unknown said…
Great link, thanks!!

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