in the kitchen and gluten free

I've kept it pretty simple these days (chicken, veggie, potato) and not as much time baking/cooking in the kitchen. Little F has joined me in the gluten free way of life and doing such is not really that hard but about adjustments and reworking his old habits. He gets it at a three year old level and is starting to ask if there's gluten in anything a friend is offering which is a big step. I would have the whole family 100% gluten free if it didn't cost so damn much to buy bread. I have tried about 6 different bread recipes but cannot get a good loaf. It's something I get better at as more time passes and i get further up the learning curve.The doc suspects a wheat allergy and ear and nose congestion relationship to the allergy for him. We are hopeful little F will feel better on this new way of life, but only time will tell. 


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