spring dish-recipe

Our Local Costco is selling Rocky's Organic Chicken and Basil Meatballs that are gluten free and a great organic company just south of us. It was a total score and was excited to come up with a dish to serve them up in. Here was my win win with everyone as a very loose recipe.

Chicken and Basil Meatball Pasta with Greens and a lemon mustard dressing

Gluten free Pasta- I used Tinkyada brand
Artisan Lettuce-romaine variant(also from Costco)
Organic California asparagus
1 Fresh lemon juice and zest
1/4 cup Organic olive oil-cold pressed is best
Red onion-from Deep Seeded Farm our winter CSA
3 tablespoons Mustard Dill Sauce-Larrapin is my fav
Scant dry white wine
Cracked pepper
Flat leaf parsley

First reheat meatballs in oven if frozen at 450 for about 15 mintes while pasta cooks. Pull the meatballs and place asparagus on parchment  in oven for 6 minutes-careful not to overcook. Mix mustard, wine,  lemon juice and zest, Olive oil, and onion together in a small bowl. Add greens, pasta and dressing and toss to compine then top with meatballs, parsley, pepper and serve.


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