natural easter eggs

This year I tried a new natural product for the Easter eggs called Natur Eierfarben. Its 100% natural plant dyes and seems to be more effective (and cost) than any of my previous natural Easter egg dye tries. The eggs soaked for about two hours and came out brilliant. The pack came with 5 colors but the orange and red are pretty close, more like 4 colors to me. I picked it up at a local Green store in Arcata called Solutions thanks to my friend Erin's recommend. 
I'll share the kids basket goodies tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty darn good about what's going in them!


Elisabeth said…
These look fabulous! I just bought the same dyes at Whole Foods, but am trying to decipher the directions on the package... Did you hard boil your eggs separately and then soak them for 2 hours in the dye solution? Or just boil the eggs in the dye solution and then let them cool in it?

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