easter basket goodies

Not too many sweet treats going in these kids baskets this year. Every year I try to come up with ways to still celebrate the holiday without bucket loads of sugar. It really isn't that hard but I want the kiddos to feel like what they do get is special and a treat. I really enjoy each holiday and celebrating but the candy thing is just crazy, and not to mention we are a refined sugar free home. My focus is more on spring, flowers, and natures bright colors than the religious part. Each kiddo is getting the following:

1. Three honey sticks 
2. Two raw chocolate and honey mint patties 
3. A Spring Book
4. Colored Pencils made from newspaper
5. Recycled crayons
6. Wooden Egg Shaker
7. Natural Peanuts
8. Garden Seeds (still needing to purchase)- each kiddo has a raised bed to plant this year.


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