holiday card out-takes & herding cats

I wanted to use the first photo so bad for our annual holiday photo card, but restrained myself and picked nice pictures full of teeth and eyeballs. This seemingly easy tasks not to easy. At times it really is like wrangling cats. Its my new catch phrase when B calls and asks how our day is, my response is "like herding cats". It may be personality or age but my goodness we are busy these days. I took a part time job at Recycled Youth in Arcata and work on Wednesday afternoons to add to the fever.  If anyone lives here in the area drop by and pay a visit. I have a whole lot of holiday inspired gluten free and winter wellness posts to share once I get my shit in one sock.


sara said…
what cute boys!
and i know allllllll about herding cats - and i only have one cat to herd!!

xo sara

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