prawns on rosemary skewers

I had intended to share this recipe last week but late is better than never, especially this particular recipe. Its quite simple and easy to prepare on a busy school night but the look and flavor are less than a bland weeknight meal. Not only is it a pretty presentation but has a smoky rosemary taste that packs a punch. Here is a loose interpretation of a recipe:

Prawns on Rosemary Skewers

12 large prawns 
4 sturdy rosemary twigs
1/4 cup of salt for brine
1 lemon
handful of rosemary leaves
4 tbs of olive oil
Sea kelp seasoning*optional

Prepare brine with cold water, salt, lemon slices & rosemary leaves. Let soak in brine for ideal 3 hours or 1 hour minimum. Soak rosemary twigs in water for 15 minutes for optimal grilling. Once brining is finished simply drain brine and toss prawns in a bowl of olive oil, squeeze of lemon, seasonings and assemble on twigs.
Grill time varies with temperature and settings but ideal would be medium heat and 7 minutes a side. Make sure cooking is complete before consuming and be careful not to over cook the prawns into a rubbery texture. Enjoy over a bed of herbed lettuce and pared with a baked sweet potato.


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