birthday wish list

Here I have compiled some imaginary birthday presents. This weekend is my 33rd birthday and I plan to do absolutely nothing. Realistically I will not get any presents but from my mom and dad, and will probably bake my own gluten free cake( not sure what to bake, any suggestions?). The only thing I ask for this year is a little sunshine and some fresh local food, maybe even picked by the fam and shared together. Last year I had celebratory ambitions which did not come to fruition. This year I am thinking simple and low key. Any people insisting on buying something from above list (just kidding) here are the details from left to right.

>> Fruit Calendar from Rifle Paper Co.
>> Sunshine


Anonymous said…
I have that apple crock in green. I use it to store my drink mixes. Found mine at Home Goods. =0)

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