sneak attack

We had one of "those" days yesterday where it felt somehow I had failed at every parenting tactic and things where just going straight to hell in a hand basket. Then Things really got hairy when I prepared this pan of brownies for dessert for our dinner guests and put them on the stove to cool and then took laundry down to our bedroom. It took all of 15 seconds for the Littles to sneak attack the brownies with a fist/mouth full maneuver. The action fit perfectly with how the day had gone and when I turned the kitchen corner to see their dirty brown smiling teeth, my anger quickly turned to laughter. I was able to salvage  about 60% of the brownies after all, and in a sick and twisted way put the day into perspective. A time-out and a discussion reminder about kitchen safety with the stove was promptly issued. I hope this will be the only brownie massacre I witness.


BumbleB said…
Awww such a cute story :) I could totally picture it and I would have done the same!!

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