well hello there friends

Lets get acquainted again, shall we? Its been a while from the last time I shared and lots of things have been keeping us busy. I plan on getting back on the horse this week(so to speak) and sharing homemade spring cleaning recipes along with more gluten free goodness. Last week the sun decided to join us again and we headed over to the McKinleyville Family Resource Center to help with the children's garden. I should have been working on my own garden but that's just not as much fun. The boys worked super hard at driving me crazy and we actually may have helped and not hindered the garden effort.  We are headed back this Wednesday to get dirty and plant some more veggies. Oh, and thank you for those of you who voted on Facebook for my seaweed spinach salad recipe because it won me a new autographed copy of "The Earthbound Cook". Happy belated May Day!


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