homemade laundry soap

In the spirit of spring cleaning I decided to make my own laundry soap, dish detergent and countertop spray. I will share the recipe for laundry soap in this post. Some may think or ask is it worth all the effort or cost any less than buying the brand name or store name version? My answer in short is not only is this cost effective, really work, and take all of five minutes, but you also know exactly what is in the recipe, especially for those with skin sensativities. This makes a really big batch- equivalent to 100-120 loads. Before I made this recipe I did buy a gallon glass container with a lid for 2.99. My below recipe fills the gallon jar 2/3 full. I used the remaining ingredients for my dish washing detergent. The recipe can be modified to adjust the container(airtight) you plan to store the mix in. Its a 1/1 ratio for the borax and baking soda and grate up to two bars of soap for larger quantities. These items can be found at every grocery store and are very inexpensive to purchase. The Dr. Bronner's was on sale at our local co-op for 2.39 a bar and I decided to jump on the sale. Otherwise, a pure castille soap can be used in its place. I purchased a 4 lb. box of naturally occurring Borax at 3.99 and a 2 lb. box of Baking soda for 1.99. I would buy two of the 2 lbs. boxes of baking soda for a larger batch of laundry soap. I use about an 1/8 of a cup for our front load HE washing machine and it works even better than the "eco" wash I was buying before at 8.99 for 32 washes.

8 cups Borax
8 cups Baking Soda
1 Bar soap (grated)- I used Dr. Bronner's Lavander


Unknown said…
This laundry soap...it's basically a powdered detergent, right? Just not sure about the grated bar of soap. How do I do that part----and how fine? I'm out of laundry soap right now so this would be good timing. Since I now have a skin condition (granuloma annulare) it's an autoimmune thing, no known cause, cure, whatever....maybe this would help! I've always been sensitive to soaps perhaps I could get rid of it!!
Unknown said…
I'm sorry about your condition! I used a regular old cheese grater to shred up the bar. I too have an autoimmune issue. Hope this may help!

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