adventure files-summer days

 Its official, Little B is out for summer break and our routine is all out of sorts. I am gathering a new routine and letting the days happen as they may. Its sort of a "nikki" routine, as the only way to describe it. We have a rough outline of things to do or see for the week and we mostly get to do them. As a laid back person I have never been very good at a prescribed routine. I am not quite half hazard but do not keep a strict schedule either. School schedule using keeps me in check but the summer days are a bit more "lets do this today" than "let me check my schedule". On a whim the other day for some fresh outdoor fun we hiked up to the top of Trinidad Head. Little F hike/ran which drove this mama crazy with all of the steep sides, but we made it to the top and stopped a few times to smell the flowers.


Anonymous said…
The uptight moms (okay me) could learn a lot about laid back! I like it. I'm trying though. Yesterday we spend the whole day outside doing pretty much nothing but exploring bugs.

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