chicken chronicles -coop make-over

A while back on a sunny morning Little B and I started a coop make-over for the ladies.  We went to our local hardware store and debated new colors for the gals. He wanted yellow and I wanted green so we picked a color in between. He did the painting and I did the touch-ups. B was so proud of his work and thought the gals would be so excited for their new home. I do have to say it was nice to sit back and watch my child labor operation. Our final step is to do rain gutter gardens(like the bottom photo) around the box. Rain and a few other things have held us back from this step but looks like we can finish our project this weekend.  Now to decide what plants to do? I was thinking succulents but we may do lettuce and herbs on the cheap. Maybe even some kale and chard for the ladies to snack on.


Anonymous said…
Those rain gutter garden boxes are genius! My SIL Brandi turned me on to your blog so I'm excited to follow!

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