best things in life are free -Kit's guest post

The days I am home with my Little's I jump out of bed thinking about what adventure we can have that day. The area we live has so much to offer in terms of culture, science and nature. As a mama to a 4 1/2 year old and a 1 year old sometimes our backyard can be a tour of many new things but on rainy days it can be stretch for me to find something exciting.

I frequently look at online calendars, parents groups, community classes and the health club but my favorite place to go on a rainy day is the county library. We so easily forget this great resource found in most communities. For us there really is something for everyone. I am not a big reader but love to pile up books on design, cooking, childbirth or crafts. I also always pick up an audio book for my drive to and from work. The children's section has CDs of children's music from all over the world, DVDs and books on every topic. For my children we have always headed for the simple fictional children's stories but in the past few months we have started picking up non-fiction books on places we are planning to travel or history of a topic or holiday.

For me, enjoying the library has come after making a plan for bring two kids under five to somewhere that requires them to be quite and calm. First, I bring I LARGE backpack or market basket. Second, I get my books first, this way the kids are fresh and not asking to go and want to "earn" a CD or DVD when we get to the children's section. Last, I am not picky about what we get. The kids can get anything. Most times I walk out with a large heavy basket.

Here is a picture from our haul today. You will note it included books about Ben Franklin, Poop, Superhero ABC's and Switzerland. It is great to answer to all those questions my 4 1/2 asks... "I am not sure, let's find a book about it at the library."

A few more tips for busy mamas;
  • Make the library a regular activity. If you go every few weeks you can round up everything to take back and get a whole new basket full.
  • Use the website to order any books you REALLY want. They will call you and will be waiting at the front desk and you don't need to look for them with the Little's in tow.
  • Cross check you account online to make sure you turn everything back in. If you avoid late fees, you can do all of this for FREE!
  • Check out the activities and presentations, I have found many of them to be great for young children.

Seriously some of the best things in life are free.

Kit Meyer


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