house chickens

House chickens happen when you are having the kind of day where you feed your kids lunch at 9:30 am. Yeah, that's the kind of day I'm having. This my friends is what the experts call tired. We do not normally invite our backyard chickens in for snack, however the kids thought differently today while I was in clean mode. Luckily I heard the laughs of evil and came down to find the ladies stopping in for some "snacks", all of which included actual chicken feed taken out of the garage by tiny hands and a trail to explain. And indeed I fed the boys today at 9:30 am, thinking it was like 11:00ish. Not so much. Oops, I guess it just feels like lunchtime when you get woken up every two hours in the eve and then wake for the day at dawn.
I hope the rest of our day is not such a disaster. Positive thinking.


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