gluten & sugar free cookery

Inspired by my friend Erin, I have been experimenting with gluten free cookery. I have been interested before and gave it a half-ass shot, but this time I am aimed at delicious gluten free recipes, emphasizing the word delicious.  I have found it incredibly easy and edible. The Little's don't even know the difference.  My resources have been "Feeding the Whole Family" by Cynthia Lair and Heidi Swanson's
About two years ago I cut refined sugar almost completely out of our diet, but when it comes to baked goodies I was still using the white granulated devil. It really is my Achilles heel. I am not a believer in sugar substitutes and use whole grains and organic whole foods.  But here I was feeding sugary items, organic and home baked(but still evil), to my wonderful family. I felt two faced when talking about how healthy of a lifestyle our family has and the good foods I try to but in their bellies. Fueled by guilt and the ability to change, I started using honey, maple syrup, and brown rice sugar along with fruit juices like orange and apple to sweeten up my baked goods. Its still sugar, but not quite the same. Yesterday I had a try at this strawberry cake and wish I had written down what went in.  I used a chocolate cake recipe as the base and made changes accordingly with a tweak here and a tweak there. Its almost like a bread but sweet like a scone. I used applesauce, whole yogurt, and maple syrup instead of buttermilk and white refined sugar. I sub-ed out the white flour with Arrow Mills Gluten Free All purpose Bake Mix . I am going to try again this weekend to recreate the recipe to share next week. Happy Weekend!


Looks yummy! What was the topping, it looks frozen, was it?

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