Chicken with Kale and Carrot Soup

On a whim yesterday after baking a whole roast chicken I made up a batch of stock and decided to make soup for the next nights diner. I gathered up what was in our fridge, and my ingredients became kale, carrots, lemon rind, English thyme, onion, roast garlic along with the leftover chicken thighs. I added wild rice and let it all cook and blend together. It was the best soup I have made thus far. I made the conclusion right their that I would replace celery with kale in all my soups. It was a very nourishing meal with calcium from the bones in the stock, vitamin c from the lemon, and garlic and kale have a multitude of health benefits. I served it with whole grain fermented oat bread from left over morning oatmeal.  This meal is definitely going in the regular rotation pile.


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