Those of you who know me, know that I have a major phone issue. As resolvable and totally annoying as it might be i still stick with my piece of work phone. I use my phone for all of my photography and blog photos and not having access to any photos the past two weeks has me a bit behind in posts. I would like to share some of the valentine's day snacks. Again, yes I know it was awhile ago but bare with me. The menu for a little B's brunch play date was heart carrots and red pepper humus, heart strawberries and blueberries and heart shaped dark chocolate peanut butter and raspberry sandwiches. I really wanted to stay away from the junk (even though I love chocolate) to show it can be more than just a candy holiday. The kiddos didn't mind the lack of junk and Little B and I made mini heart shortbread cookies with sprinkles for our after diner treat. I will share a little craft project tomorrow that worked out great for letter carrier for our friends to take valentine cards home in.


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