bag it

I love to play games from time to time and over at China Blue Studio, she is posting contents of her bag at this very moment, and encouraging others to share. Here are my contents:
1. Gaim Bird design Water Bottle
2. Vintage 70's wallet
3. Change purse, containing foreign coins
4. Driftwood found at Patrick's Point on recent walk
5. Passport (I always carry this just in case)
6. Grocery list pocketbook upcycled from  vintage checkbook cover.


Unknown said…
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Sorry that was me that deleted the comment. I didn't realize the account was set to my nephew's, ugh.

I love the things in your bag. Seeing that you carry your passport "just in case" makes me want to also! The idea that I could hop on a plane at any given moment is rather enticing. Also love that piece of driftwood.

Thanks for the mention of my blog on your post too!

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