summer pies

Based on the last post by saying tomorrow I guess I was saying next week about sharing all the baking that was happening in my kitchen. oops! Its been a busy week of hosting family and birthday celebrations. Our family is visiting from Cold and Snowy Maine and soaking up all the natural beauty of our North Coast. The baking and cooking has continued around the clock with an awesome birthday party celebration sprinkled in last weekend. It went off with out a hitch and the boys truly enjoyed themselves through and through.
Back to last week's baking, I had mentioned the rain and cold weather and how it was really feeling like a Humboldt January. Somehow it didn't feel so "January" last year. The fog, dark, and rain do not make one's spirits rise, so to counter act these feelings I opened up my freezer and pulled out our summer ripened blueberries and blackberries and baked them into a pie with a streusel top to die for. It was like tasting sunshine. The very last of the sun-riped tomatoes where cooked into a pizza pie with fresh mozzarella and garden herbs to add to the baked in sunshine feeling.


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