Garden Diary- end of days

This is a mini garden diary post since there is hardly a thing left to post about. My winter lettuce and greens have been planted along with some purple onion and garlic but that is it for the winter months. I still have a few things puttering along which is zucchini, strawberries, beets, pumpkin, broccoli and kale. However, my broccoli looks like Swiss cheese from a heavy influx of cabbage worm. My pumpkin is still flowing and fighting a case of end rot with all the damp and rain we have experienced. So as I write the list, it sounds much more productive than if you where to come and look in my boxes. 
So far, the most prolific growers in our garden have been lettuce and zucchini. Lots of lessons have been learned and notes taken. I also picked up local gardener, Eddie Tanner's book for some more insight and info unique to this part of the North Coast. I am ready for next years garden and hope to double the produce.


Kit said…
Aww. Our broccoli is also a sad sight. Thanks to Eddie we will go pick up broccoli at our CSA tomorrow. Got to love a professional!

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