date night

Lets be honest for a moment, having two kids three and under does absolutely nothing romantic for a relationship. In fact, it may actually be the antithesis of romantic. Big B and I put effort into finding time together to be alone but it is not always easy. Our babysitter has been on summer break from college and  not available for 2 months, so the other night when we found someone to watch the boys for a few hours it almost brought tears of joy to our eyes, well almost. It had been way too long between dates and the tension between us had been building. It starts slow and can creep into any solid marriage. Our night out was three hours of diner at Moonstone Beach Grill with an after diner walk on the beach. The time together gives a regeneration of sorts to the marriage. My mother-in-law gave me advice to always put each other first before kids and career, which at the time sounded ridiculous, but I feel this really is important if not the most important advice given to me about marriage. Our family starts first with the two of us and from there everything grows, providing a strong trunk to hold the family tree.


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