pantry organization

Finally, I tackled my pantry craziness with some recycled plastic containers and jars to make getting something out not such a circus and mess. I wish I had taken a before shot but not sure I really would have wanted to share the disarray. Like I had mentioned before in this post I bake our bread and because of this my pantry contains things like wheat gluten, flax seed, wheat germ, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, etc. all in open bags strewn all over the place. On a bad day a child will climb up and look for "something" to eat ending with a disaster on my counter and kitchen floor. Enough was enough and this is the result pictured above. The result is bread making has gotten much more convenient and back into a groove again. I used our recycled glass jar to organize the rice and beans and life seems so much easier why I didn't do this earlier is nonsense!


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