homemade cold pops

Our family has been hit hard this year with one cold after another. Coughs, runny noses, and the yucks has dominated many of our days for the past few weeks and like most mama's I am tired of being sick and tired. Visits to doctor confirm that all we can do is work on our immunity to help our bodies fight the crud and stay healthy. Since it is a bit hard to get small ones to eat oranges, herbals and teas my solution is these homemade Popsicles I call cold pops. They are concocted of 1 part organic juice, 1 part organic green tea, 1 part herbal remedy. This works for my family and our illnesses but may not be for your children so please be wise and check with your pediatrician first. Also organic cannot be expressed enough for the juice because little ones do not need any pesticide exposure especially with a suppressed immune system. I picked up this Popsicle tray at our local k-mart for a few dollars but many things around the house could be used to create Popsicle mold. The following is my recipe for the common cold.

5 hand squeezed organic oranges
5 large strawberries mashed
1 teaspoon honey
2 tablespoons organic apple juice
1 dropper of herbal echinacea extract
1 cup organic green tea brewed

Mix all ingredients gently together with a spoon and fill each tray compartment all the way to the top and simply put the handles in and freeze for about 3 hours. When totally frozen pop them out and give them to little ones as "treats".


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