green bean T-PEE

Big B and I decided to hand craft a garden T-PEE for my green beans out of willow reeds. We cut green reeds from our neighborhood pond green space and had no idea what we where doing. Like most things we like to jump right in and learn from the process instead of following a model or reading a how-to. However it does take many more expletives and double the amount of time. This post is not about a "how-to" but more an inspiration piece. I would like to share what we did learn to make your experience a bit easier.

1. The greener the reed the better
2. Find pieces or cut them about the same size
3. Cut extra
4. Soak the reed in water for a few hours before braiding
5. Use the extra reed bark for tying the ends together-the longer the better
6. Weave the support posts in the braided rounds


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