summer bucket list

I made my summer bucket list last night and came up with 20 things. I hope to capture all but number 20 on camera and share my summer experience. What is your summer bucket list? Here is mine.
  1. star gaze
  2. make ice pops
  3. pick local berries
  4. make jam
  5. camp in the mountains
  6. go fishing with worms
  7. have a picnic on the beach
  8. play shadow tag
  9. celebrate the summer solstice
  10. write my name with sparklers
  11. catch fireflies and release them
  12. watch an early morning sunrise
  13. make fairy houses
  14. build a sand sculpture
  15. run through a sprinkler
  16. fly a kite
  17. cook an international meal
  18. tell stories around a campfire
  19. build a tee-pee
  20. skinny dip in the ocean


they had a fairy house making contest at the local wildlife center here. you would have been a rock star. sounds like a lovely summer, wish we lived closer to enjoy a few things on the list with y'all.

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