kids happy meal

This is my version of a happy meal. My kids go crazy for steak and I have betsy the cow to thank for this. She is still in abundance in my freezer and the rice is an easy grab from the cupboard. The veggies are rotating based on what is available in the garden. 20 minutes to cook rice and grill steak with a quick cut and wash from the garden and viola! a meal my kids will devour.


i wish my kids would eat salad... the steak, maybe, the rice, yes. they are hooked on broccoli, peas and green beans. i can get them to eat sweet potatoes as baked fries, but not much else. what's your secret???
H. Kids said…
Happy meal which you have shown is surely healthy meal. And it will help you to keep healthy remain.
Unknown said…
My secret is called Ranch Dressing. Im in the same boat but work on a 1/3 plan. 2/3 is spit back out while 1/3 is actually swallowed.

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