garden toad house

We have a new addition to our backyard garden in the form of a toad. This toad was caught in the neighbors garage and has a new home in our toad house made from "things" from our garage. Toads require a place that is dark and damp and a side-turned flower pot does just the trick and here is the list of things to make such a thing.
1. small flower pot
2. damp dirt
3. quiet spot in a garden or foliage
4. old jar lid for water
The flower pot is turned on its side and buried 1/3 in dirt ensuring that the house floor is covered in dirt. The pot should be angled down just a bit to give more of a shaded house front. The mason jar lid is filled with water and pressed into the dirt outside the house to provide moisture to the toad. They do not live in water like frogs but do need moisture to thrive and lay eggs. The kids used driftwood and rocks to decorate the outside.


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