chicken chronicles- shirley lost a toe

Shirley has lost a toe mysteriously. I would have been able to identify a cause had I been able to see her talon before Laverne and Dorothy pecked at it. The tip was gone and blood was everywhere. She was in a great deal of pain and my inexperience with chicken emergencies did not help. First thing to do was to separate her from the other hens. Those of you who do not know this important rule it is to prevent the others from pecking the injured to death. Next was a washing of the injury with mild soapy water which is a definite two person job. I applied a triple antibiotic ointment and tried the best I could to apply a "bandage". This was not a smooth operation but she forgave me after I gave her a greek yogurt treat. She spent the night separated in our garage and by morning the blood had stopped. I put her back in while the others where sleeping and no one seemed to remember the bloody toe. My goal is to keep out infection and she appears to be acting like a normal chicken.


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