tomato-part 2

You may recognize these little leafs from this post but I wanted to add an update to the first part of growing grocery store tomato seed germination. Just as a recap- the seeds were separated and planted in a recycled container in part 1. Now the seedlings have been growing a full moon cycle plus a little and were ready to move to this recycled Odwalla juice container, with some adjustments. The top was cut off to allow about 4.5 inches of root growth to the plant. The dirt was added and then a careful transplant using a spoon was completed. One tip that is useful for beginners is to make a hole deep enough for the seedling to cover all the way up to where the leaves start from the stem as pictured. It is still too cold here on the North Coast for this little guy to move outside so for now it lives on the kitchen windowsill. Part 3 will be the exciting move out into the wilds of my backyard!


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