We made a trip to the Arcata pool the other day for some swimming and then stopped over to Arcata Scoop for the best ice cream! They have vegan and non-vegan organic ice creams that are safe for your family. The ice cream is only $3.50 for a regular scoop, that tastes so rich you wont need more than just that. There are way more than just five flavors. Always two for vegans and 6-8 others, some days there are ten choices total. This is an amazing concept, no toppings or fancy dipped cones, because it is all organic and good for you. When you are done with your ice cream from Scoops you don't feel like you should be rolled down the block, you feel healthy and well treated to this delicious snack because it is actually ice cream that is healthy. If you are looking for a fun tourist destination or just a place to hang out with your friends on a warm day, this is the place to go. They open at 12 noon every day! Yum!!


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