I checked the mail yesterday, and I was delighted to find the latest issue of Good magazine had arrived. The issue is concentrated on Neighborhoods and has many interesting and innovative ideas on the subject. Neighborhoods are the hub of community and fortunate for us our neighbors are awesome. Unlike our short lived life in florida, here we have developed "real" friendships and a true sense of community. This issue strikes a cord for me because life without community is stale and down right wrong. Little B suffered the most from our lack of community in Florida do to the fact that we could not get accepted into private playgroups and there was nothing other than public church groups, which really are not our cup of tea. I did try once, and that was plenty. 
Many of the movements involving changing our countries McDonalds and Home Depot communities are happening right here on the North Coast, which to me is pretty darn exciting. If you cannot get your hands on a copy of this magazine you can alway check out the articles at their website found here.


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