new moon

     Photo Credit: NASA
Sunday was the start of the new moon planting cycle for March. Traditionally no planting should be performed on the actual day but the week of the new or full moon, depending on if you are planting root crops or above ground crops. On the North Coast Spring Garden season is almost in full swing. 
To get ready for this I have started to germinate tomato seeds. The seeds are from a tomato purchased at the CO-OP for my tomato sauce. The seeds are separated from the meat and put in a glass of water. The "good" seeds will stay at the bottom as the "bad" seeds will float to the top. Dry the good seeds on paper towel and plant them accordingly. My seeds were planted in a recycled plastic container with holes punched in the bottom. Plastic wrap is covering these seedling for now to create a hot house. This germination tip was from an amazingly resourceful book of mine titled "Garden Anywhere" by Alys Fowler and is listed in my favorite reading section.


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