Some days for lunch we do the peanut butter banana sandwich stand-by but somedays when the motivation strikes I will whip up something from one of my favorite cookbooks "Locally Delicious". 

Today I prepared the Mu Shu Chicken wrapped in bibb lettuce by Ann Anderson.  I prepared it without the plum sauce do to the fact it is winter and plums are nowhere in site and the recipe is just as delicious without. Most of my ingredients are local and organic but sometimes the organic label is not important to me if I know the farm it comes from or if its from our garden. 
I highly recommend buying this cookbook from the NorthCoast Co-Op and adding it to your meal rotation. This book was my Book Club selection for the month of march and we are all cooking a recipe and bringing it to the table on March 25th. I will share photos and recipes after the diner party. Bon appetit!


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