eggplant tomato stacks

This is another post about a recipe from the cookbook Locally Delicious that I just cannot stop cooking from. I made this recipe the other night for the family and it was rated a 7 out of 10. Eggplant does not make it into too many of our dishes, however this recipe was just enough taste but not an over whelming amount. The following recipe by Martha Haynes is for a serving of 8:

Preheat oven to 425
For Onion Mixture:
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 yellow onions, diced
  • 1 tablespoon of salt, or to taste
In a large saute pan, over medium-high heat, warm the olive oil. Add onions, salt and pepper, stirring occasionally, until onions are soft, about 10 minutes. 
Add the following and cook 2 more minutes. Remove pan from heat
  • 4-6 garlic cloves minced
  • 10 fresh basil leaves, cut into thin strips
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley
Rub bottom and sides of 12inch cast-iron fry pan, or spring form pan with about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. (I used a 9x13 casserole dish)
  • 1 eggplant, 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter, sliced 1/8 inch thick
  • 5 tomatoes, sliced 1/4 inch thick
  • 4 zucchini, halved crosswise and sliced lengthwise 1/4 inch thick
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
Place 8 eggplant slices in a single layer in the pan and season with salt. Top each with 1 teaspoon onion mixture and 2 zucchini slices; season with salt. Add a single layer of tomato slices. Repeat the layering two more times, ending with the zucchini. Drizzle each stack with 1 teaspoon olive oil.
Bake until vegetables are tender, about 40 minutes.
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
Sprinkle each stack with 1 tablespoon cheese. Bake another 10 minutes. Let vegetables rest 5 minutes before serving.


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