easter baskets

This year we are using the Ghana Bolga Market baskets for Easter goodies. These baskets are the smaller version and support fair african trade. These African market baskets are exclusively woven by the indigenous Frafra people of a historical town in Northern Ghana called Bolgatanga. The weaving group has a mission: to assist the poor rural women of Northern Ghana in earning decent incomes from the fruits of their labors in order to care for their children. Why do plastic when you can pay a bit more for a better cause. I filled this basket with organic wheat grass grown local as decor before the 
bunny visit. 
These baskets have many uses to my children as well as Easter baskets. Trips to the farmers market this spring will include each child and a basket to buy something for themselves from earned "chore" money. The possibilities are endless for a really great basket.


Cayenne said…
Cayenne's Nai Nai (Grandma on Dad's side) gave her one for easter a year or two ago. She has great fun filling it with various combination of toys. It is very sturdy. Where do you get the grass localy. I usually rip it out of my lawn,but yours looks more atractive.

Mountain46 said…
Mom and I enjoyed your Easter Basket ideas.
Unknown said…
The grass is from Feral Family farm in Arcata and is Wheatgrass.Thanks!

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