Bread is Life and Buddha Bread is Delicious.

Bread is my life, literally, because I bake our bread instead of buying it from the store. This is my part time job as mom at least three days a week. However tedious it may seem nothing taste better or feels better or smells better than home baked bread.  Nothing beats the bread recipe (that I call Buddha bread) from the "Tassajara Bread Book" by Edward Espe Brown. Life is just not as super without the Tassajara Yeasted Bread recipe. My family gobbles this bread up as soon as its permission is granted. One of the unique qualities to his recipe is to create a sponge, which gives the bread an extra push for awesomeness. If you want to try this recipe a condensed version is available from the yummy foodie site of Culinate. Once the basic method is learned the additions and variations are endless! Eat up!


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