We all want the cleanest air possible in our homes but contrary to this, research has found pollutants are worse inside our home rather than a haven from outdoor smog and pollution according to this article. In fact as of 2002 it was estimated that 2.7% of all global disease can be attributed to some form of indoor air pollution. To counter act our indoor pollution issue scientist have also found that real improvements can be made with indoor plants. In particular NASA has researched the top 10 most effective plants in removing:
Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Carbon Monoxide from the air

These indoor plants are easy and much less expensive than manufactured air filters. One of my favorite ways to display indoor plants is in a Woolly Pocket. Its a planting device that can be hung on a vertical surface indoors or out and is made from recycled plastic bottles. So add some indoor plants to your home and it will not only look nicer but will give cleaner air for precious lungs to breath.


Genevieve said…
Hah! Nikki, I just got a woolly pocket from a friend! Thanks for the inspiration on which plants to use it with...

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