Rainbow Breathing Exercise and Worksheet


I wanted to create an easy introduction to mindful breathing for children that have minds that wonder or bore easy with meditation. This exercise may take practice with an adult depending on age but once breathing and reading size is mastered it can be laminated and tucked away for easy access in a classroom at home or school. Instead of busy work it can be implemented as a transition tool for students that have finish their work and are waiting for Mom or teacher to prompt the next lesson.
The exercise is about 2-3 minutes once through but can be repeated as needed. Please use and spread these as mindful resource tools.


Anonymous said…
Hi, Can you please give a description of how this exercise works? What prompts would you use to inspire the kids. Thanks so much, Jolie
Anonymous said…
Hi there, I am not quite sure how this works. Can you please explain? Thank you.
Unknown said…

Can you hep explain how this tool is used with children? What directions should be shared? Thanks!


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